I am Andrea Varadi Goia and this workshop is for you if:

  • you feel stuck in a relationship, job, or way of thinking that brings you emotional distress;
  • you feel that you are missing something in your life even if, in appearance, it seems that you have everything that you need;
  • you are tired of the endless alternation of dull days, without any spark or spontaneity;
  • you want to know yourself, to find your authentic version;
  • you are inexplicably drawn to this workshop.

If you find yourself in at least one of the above situations, please allow yourself to experience this unique and profound seminar.

By participating, you will grow to understand:

  • how did you get to this moment in your life;
  • why is this place a catalyst for your transformation;
  • how you can change your perception of reality so that inner suffering would no longer be necessary;
  • who / what you are not, so that you can have an idea about the amazing being that you are;
  • how you can live a life in authenticity, in a real connection with yourself and those around you;
  • what you can do specifically after this workshop to continue the journey you have started.

The most inspiring and transformative day of your life is the day you decide that you want the truth. It's the day you have had ENOUGH. It’s the day you know you’ve spent enough time behind your self-built walls and you've had enough of the pity stories you've told yourself. It’s the day when you want to find yourself at all costs, when every cell in your body is aligned with your decision. It’s NO MORE. After this moment, there’s only one more thing to do: Allow patiently and confidently for that reality to come to you. That's all.

After many years of searching, dozens of courses, hundreds of books, countless personal experiences of awareness, healing, and transformation, I came to realize an extremely simple thing that I knew from the beginning: we are already there, we are already whole in this moment, the reality is here to wake us up, to remove the “rubble” we buried ourselves in.

We forgot who we are and that we are powerful sovereign beings, responsible for our lives. We are the infinite consciousness that expresses itself through this body and for which everything is possible. We are pure potentiality.  

You may blame your partner, your past, your job or the lack of money; you may think you still need to "heal" your inner child, your relationship with your parents, to release negative beliefs or blocked emotions, to reprogram your subconscious, do therapy or whatever, but I think you are embarking on the exhausting work of a Sisyphus, that will never, ever end. There will always be something to be "fixed" or be done.

You recreate and perpetuate the “you” that you think you are, through all the stories you tell yourself every single day. It's not the past that haunts you, it's your unguarded negative thoughts that immerse you into self-forgetfulness.  Change your story if you don't like what is happening to you and never go back. Put your attention on what you want, instead of struggling with what you don't want. Having a nonresistant, open attitude in the present moment is the one that will set you free 

Your “healing", your true freedom, will come the moment you look at the same thing from a different perspective. It’s the different story you tell yourself that heals you. Your way of thinking is the only one that is "fixing" itself, it’s not the past and not even the person that you think is "you". Because even that "you", your perceived identity, is just a story that can be changed.

I want to bring you to the point from where you are willing to let go of the self-imposed limitations and truly take responsibility for who you really are. I want to bring you to the point where you are ready to open your heart and live a life without resistance.

These are my intentions for you, and this is how this workshop was born. 
We will be together on a fabulous 3 day journey, in which we will connect to each other and to our hearts. Everything will be experiential.

If I made you curious enough, your investment until 20.02.2020 is 620 RON. After this date, it will be 750 RON. For those who participated in other editions, the amount is 400 RON.

Places are limited.

Upon registration you will receive additional details by email. If you want more information, you can contact us at the phone number: (0731) 555 567

For registration, please use the link above.

My experience with the SEE WITH YOUR HEART workshop has been a turning point in everything I do today, unlike what I did before. During the 3 days I had intense feelings, I discovered and felt things about myself that I did not understand for a long time and that gave me reason to contemplate my daily behavior. I understood where I was stuck (which for me was a fossilized feeling, extended, perhaps, over the course of a lifetime) and that I often fooled myself. For the first time in years, I really wanted something: I woke up in the morning eager to get back to the seminar.

I had many "Aha!" moments and I felt supported by the participants whom I did not know beforehand. It was a safe space and it was a rare experience that I would have liked to have lasted longer, one that I cherished.

Andreea L.

There were intense and overwhelming days. I experienced so many emotions, I cried, I laughed, I was shocked by our inner strength during the exercises, I was happy that I managed to meditate, I was happy that I discovered wonderful things in myself and around me, I was sad when I realized how critical I’ve been to myself all these years and that I no longer want to continue living like this.

In the 3rd day, I came up with the idea that all my questions triggered in the first days will be answered. (…) I was already feeling something beautiful (…) I was not afraid of anything, I was feeling floating, (…) I started to cry and cry, because slowly, slowly, I came to find myself, I came to I felt my inner strength and wonder, I felt my inner energy and I realized how wrong I had looked at myself all these years. Nothing seemed to make sense anymore: worries, negative thoughts, worries, frustrations, jealousies ... everything was meaningless, compared to what I was discovering in those moments.

I left this seminar with the thought that every human being deserves to experience these things once in a lifetime and that would be enough. It's incredible! I'm glad you started helping people rediscover themselves. I'm glad you're doing this with such passion!

Andreea V.

Andrea, thank you for these transformational days! Last weekend I attended the SEE WITH YOUR HEART workshop and it was an incredible experience. I came without any expectations but an extremely strong intention: to stay open and receive everything that I could receive. And it was wow! Although I’ve been in a process of personal evolution in the last 6 months and the theoretical information was familiar to me, the energy, the people and the feelings were amazing. I made a huge shift in the process of knowing and loving myself and I was able to see extremely clearly what I have to do next. I am grateful!

And if you are not sure whether to attend this workshop or not, I tell you sincerely and from the bottom of my heart, do it! Don't wait another day to become bigger than you’ve ever imagined! Along with Andrea, I have completely changed my life in the last 6 months!

Flavia G.

For me, SEE WITH YOUR HEART meant courage: the courage to be myself, to choose and accept myself. For the first time, I was courageous enough to believe that I could do whatever I wanted.

It was an experience that made me realize that I am so much more to the story than I  was telling myself, more than the "wounded" child I perceived myself as. It also helped me realize that everything that is happening to me, whether bad or good, is here for me to evolve.

Lilla S.

I believe that Light attracts Light and that people who go through the darkness get to recognize light faster and understand it better.
Andrea creates a place where the Light fl spreads everand touch us. This happened to me and others. It has come to me and from me to others. I opened up in an environment where I felt safe and understood.

That's what Andrea did for me in the workshop. I was allowed to express myself without feeling weak, to express myself in a circle of people I now meet every day and if I look them in the eye, I see the Light on which we wear and which we raise together. This is how we started and this is how we will continue! See you in the crowd ...

Patricia R.

Surely, you’ll meet Andrea at the right moment and that's what happened for me. She was the person who helped me figure out who and how I really am, to accept what comes to me, to make the decisions I believe in and to enjoy all that this beautiful life has to offer me. The "SEE WITH YOUR HEART” workshop is like a revelation that leaves its mark on you. It taught me to be happier, to feel more, to love more and be grateful.

Simona M.

SEE WITH YOUR HEART. It was an experience of deep connection with my soul, of inner rediscovery and of union with other souls. I let down the facade, stopped resisting and with confidence and openness, I allowed myself to stay in the present moment and feel. Since then, I have been doing this more consciously every day. During the seminar some wounds opened up for me, others have healed. I laugh much more and explore life with confidence and joy, I get to see so much more in people and situations, I see with my heart.

Mădălina P.

I have participated in many "SEE WITH YOUR HEART” seminars so far. It is very difficult to describe in words what I experienced there. When you “see with your heart”, the words are superfluous.

I can only say that the seminar had a major impact on me, it was a very intense course where Andrea created a safe space in which all participants managed to connect, to open up in presence and vulnerability, to "see with their hearts" for 3 days. 

Lorena Stîngaciu