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Andrea Varadi Goia

Since I was a young child, I have been drawn to esotericism, mysticism, and miracles, reading about reincarnation, Eastern religions and unexplained cases of healings. I have always lived with the feeling that there is something more than this physical world and I longed to find an answer. I’ve often imagined, looking at the stars, that the Universe is inside me. Throughout my life, the thought that I wouldn’t be able to find my place in this world, lingered in the back of my mind. I considered myself "defective", flawed, because of the far too strong emotions that I felt.

At the age of 27 I had a spontaneous awareness. I realized that most of the people are unconscious in the way they act, think and experience life. In a sense, they manifest themselves like trains, constantly abiding by the limitations of the train tracks which traps them on a never-ending repeating pattern. This realization was so overwhelming that I couldn’t see the meaning of life anymore and I entered in a state of deep depression and inner suffering that lasted over the course of almost three years.

In the effort to prove to myself and others that I am an "okay" person, I have followed the typical model set by modern society and its definition of a normal life; I pursued a career in law (being an Attorney at Law for almost 20 years), I got married, had children, bought a house, and went on vacations twice a year, even though, all these didn't bring me peace or joy. The feeling of sadness and the search for the meaning of life remained present in my being. I systematically had bursts of anger and frustration that deepened my feeling of helplessness and self-criticism.

In the summer of 2011, after a critical turning point in my life, I was forced to search for alternative answers, I started learning about miraculous healings, ancient Tibetan techniques, energetic healing, and the power of the mind. After many books, courses, and extremely deep personal experiences, I turned to the teachings about Enlightenment with unstoppable keenness and a huge desire to "drop all that is false within me." In the years that followed, I studied religions, hypnosis techniques, emotional release, reprogramming beliefs, the latest information on science, biology and emotional intelligence, attending dozens of theoretical and experiential seminars. After this long journey, I understood that the whole search for the meaning of life and truth was just a search for the self, an answer to the question: "Who am I?"

Afterwards, the effects of my inner transformation became more visible because my whole outer reality started to change. I usually say: "Everything demolished, no stone was left unturned." Today, I follow my heart in working with people, showing them that it is possible for us to find ourselves, change our lives, and live a life full of joy in alignment with our soul.

My own evolution is my message.